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We believe that recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce is the key to success.

​A multitude of different backgrounds means diverse perspectives and varied skill sets which in turn help your business be more competitive.

We want to partner with you to find you diverse talent while also helping you achieve your company's diversity and inclusion goals.

Our consultants are all trained on Equal Opportunities Legislation and know what a positive impact a diverse workforce has on your business's success. They also understand diversity-related policies, processes and metrics and will use these throughout the recruitment process to help you succeed.

Market mapping

To help you achieve your diversity and inclusion KPI’s we offer market mapping. This means that we map and locate the ‘travel to work’ population in the relevant geographical areas. This information sets a benchmark for all applications and compares how applicants reflect the diversity of talent available.

We then measure our shortlists against the wider talent market and provide you with the relevant data and insights. If the talent pool is not supportive of your diversity and inclusion KPI’s, we'll work with you to find the root of the issue and come up with solutions that will improve our reach.

Job specifications

Let's face it, writing job specifications can be a time-consuming task. That's why we're on hand to help! We'll work with you to create attractive job specifications and use clever decoders to make sure any unconscious bias language is removed, meaning a broader spectrum of applicants will be reached.

We take a consultative approach and will work together with hiring managers to stress test job specifications. We can also review job requirements with you to see if they can be reshaped to help you achieve your diversity and inclusion objectives.

Unconscious bias

All our consultants are trained on diversity and inclusion as well as unconscious bias, but we understand that not all hiring managers will have been. To support an inclusive recruitment process, we can anonymise CV’s and provide bespoke candidate profiles that outline the skills and experience they have in line with the job specification.

Psychometrics and other assessment tests 

We can offer psychometric testing facilities such as numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests, critical thinking, data analysis, situational judgement, and personality tests. These tests are a great method to reduce candidate pools subjectively and provide valuable insight into critical hires. We'll manage all testing on your behalf and provide you with the results benchmarked against the group norms or a prior agreed qualifying score. 


As an established recruitment consultancy, we have access to a diverse pool of talent. Through our internal CRM system, job boards and other platforms we have far-reaching searchability and advertisement capabilities. We can also place advertisements through a diverse range of on or offline media to help aid your diversity and inclusion initiatives, such as:

  • Asian News

  • The Ethnic Jobsite

  • Eastern Eye

  • The Voice

  • Remploy

  • Disability Jobsite

  • Disabled GO

  • Disability Now

  • Stonewall

  • The Circa Club

  • Pink Paper

  • Maturity Works

  • Prime 50 Plus

  • Working Mums

  • Women in Technology


Supporting your diversity and inclusion initiatives is important to us. Which is why we track the diversity profile of all candidates in the process, from attraction to the appointment stage, and keep you up to date with our findings.

Based on the diversity data candidates submit during the application process we are then able to give you a full picture of how far-reaching our search was, while also giving you a clear view of the diversity of the talent pool.

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